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Sonic Heroes Puzzle Game

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Game Name: Sonic Heroes Puzzle
Popularity: Sonic Heroes Puzzle has been played 23350 times!
Description: Very fun "Columns" style puzzle game where you match up Sonic game characters with blocks, rings, and jewels to remove them!

Sonic Heroes Puzzle game controls and instructions. The goal is to stack blocks and clear them with the corresponding character/power block. There are 6 different blocks in the game. Three types associated with their corresponding power block. The orange/brown brick is associated with Knuckles. The chaos emeralds of any color are associated with Tails. Gold rings go with Sonic the Hedgehog.
Controls: The "UP" arrow key reorders the blocks as they fall. The "RIGHT" and "LEFT" arrow keys move the blocks in that direction. The "DOWN" key will make the block drop down faster. As you progress and score more points, the blocks will fall faster! There are also power ups when you fill up the power meter for each character. Remember, they are only 5 minutes to play, so go fast, and try for the high score!

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