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Worm Warrior Game

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Game Name: Worm Warrior
Popularity: Worm Warrior has been played 19275 times!
Description: Smash the invading worms with your hammer as they attack your meat packing plant!

Worm Warrior game instructions and controls: Lots of hungry and very annoying little worms are converging on the meat packing factory! You are the "Worm Warrior" and you must stop their attack. You are armed with only a common household work hammer, and you must use it to protect the precious meat from becoming food for the worms.

Using your mouse to aim, and smash as many of the little wormy guys as you can! Use you mouse button to smash down and hit them. The goal is to stop them from getting to the crates of meat. Smashing worms will get you points. White worms are worth 10 points , green are good for 20 points, blue are 30, and red worms are worth 50 points each. In later levels traps will appear to kill multiple worms at a time, so be on the lookout for them, and use them wisely. Hit the traps with your hammer to activate them. Good luck!

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